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The focus and primary intent of this discussion web is to explore the 1888 message of righteousness by faith brought to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We welcome your questions and comments. Follow the discussions. If you have questions / answers that have not been explored, please jump in.

Due to the very nature of this site, it should not be necessary to request our audience to limit their comments to “clean stuff.” (You know what that is!)

It is our intent to provide quality content. Though we will try to allow a fairly wide berth, this forum is monitored frequently. Any material posted to this site that is unsuitable will be deleted at the discretion of the Host.

You will notice various advertising on the discussion board. We do not subscribe to nor support the advertising placed on the board. The placement of banner advertising by the host site is the price we pay for "FREE" hosting.

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P.S. We do not sell or advertise for anyone — but, we have found a great piece of software which virtually eliminates pop-up / pop-under advertising. The software is called Zone Alarm. If you do any Web surfing at all and are irritated (like we are) by all of the unsolicited advertising, the price of this software will be money well spent.