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We should read the Bible to learn Godís plan for our livesóto see Godís agenda, not our own. The book of Genesis gives us an in-depth view of God as a real Being who works in peopleís lives to effect His good will for them.

Throughout the Genesis stories, we see four things repeated as God works with His people: (1) Blessing; (2) Knowledge of God; (3) Community/fellowship; (4) Rest. These four elements in the stories show us Godís character. Look for them as you study.

The following chart illustrates these themes found in the book of Genesis.  The left column, except for the first entry, is man's perversion of God's way.  The right column shows God's will working in the lives of His people after they finally believed Him.  Faith in God's word brought reconciliation to every aspect of their lives.

God's Will Perverted God's Will Fulfilled

Chapters 1 and 2 give us Godís plan for this worldóHis perfect, blessed creation.

Abraham received the Blessing of God (Genesis 12:2, 3).

Chapter 3: Manís plan implemented as Adam rejects the vertical aspect of worship, turning to self-worship, and the results which occur when Godís plan is rejected by Adam and Eve (rejection of Godís way to knowledge). Chapters 12- 24: Abraham, after many attempts to do things his own way and seeing the results, learns to do things Godís way = man reconciled to Godís will, and deciding to "do things" Godís way, receives knowledge of who God is.
Chapter 4: Manís relationship to his brother, and the results when Godís plan is rejected by Cain. Chapters 25-33: The brothersí relationship repeated and expanded; finally Jacob could say "I have seen Godís face, and now am no longer afraid of your face"
(33:10) = reconciliation between brothers.
Chapters 6-9: Reveals man in a society/ community relationship which turns bad and results in the world-wide flood. Chapters 37-45: Joseph and his family/ brothers (community/society) repeated and expanded = reconciliation of the family unit.
Chapter 11: The tower of Babel is manís attempt to recreate the vertical aspect of worship but on his own terms, and to give themselves a great name (vs. 4) and to be a great nation; again dire results come from not following Godís plan. Chapter 12: Fulfillment of Godís promise to Abraham Ė great name, great nation (Romans 4:13-25) in contrast to manís attempts to save himself = rest in the finished salvation of God and reconciliation with God through Christ (Romans 3:24, 25; 2 Corinthians 5:19).

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