Sometimes what appears to be orneriness in a spouse is simply that mysterious element of maleness or femaleness that seems to lead so inevitably to misunderstandings. A sincere effort to understand how the opposite sex thinks usually makes this kind of "orneriness" evaporate.

How to Live With an Ornery Spouse


Sometimes there are irritations in marriage that the oil of humor or the grace of understanding seems unable to help. Then the marriage goes sour.

God has some healing "good news" that in many cases (if not most) will bring relief. It proclaims "recovery of sight for the blind; to let the broken victims go free" (Luke 4:18, NEB)—free to be happy in a marriage which at times has taken the form of emotional oppression.

If your marriage is not all that it should be, this book is for you.

Since there are no perfect people in the world, there are no perfect marriages.


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