Mary Magdalene: The Woman the
World Can Never Forget

Robert J. Wieland

Foreward: Why Do We Write About Mary?

Preface: Why Do We Write About Mary?

Chapter 1: Meet an Unusual Lady

Chapter 2: How Mary Met Jesus

Chapter 3: How Can Mary Say Thank You?

Chapter 4: "What is Faith?" Jesus Answers

Chapter 5: How Mary's Deed Illustrates Christ's Sacrifice for Us

Chapter 6: The "Works" That Mary's Faith Did

Chapter 7: Mary Magdalene and Those Strange "144,000"

Appendix: "The Woman the World Can Never Forget" Study Guide



This story in the Gospel of Mark is so striking that it charms everyone willing to listen. Like a precious jewel displayed in an ugly pot, it is set between two of the worst stories ever written—the one about the Jewish leaders' crucifixion of Christ, and the one about Judas Iscariot's betrayal of Him.

In the middle is this woman so badly twisted out of shape by sexual exploitation that the bible says "seven devils" had gotten control of her.

The Four Gospels furnish a surprisingly complex knowledge of who she was and why she did her outlandish deed. Yet Jesus has enjoined upon us the duty of telling this story of Mary Magdalene "wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world." This book has to be a partial fulfillment of His command!

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