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Gospel Truth #4

Christ is a Good Shepherd who is seeking His lost sheep even though we have not sought Him. A misunderstanding of God's character causes us to think He is trying to hide from us. There is no parable of a lost sheep that must seek and find its Shepherd.

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E. G. White

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How Waggoner Understood this Concept

"Not only does He call us, but He draws us. No man can come to Him without being drawn, and so Christ is lifted up to draw all to God. He tasted death for every man (Hebrews 2:9), and through Him all men have access to God. He has destroyed in His own body the enmity,—the wall that separates men from God,—so that nothing can keep any man from God unless man builds up again the barrier.

"The Lord draws us, but does not employ force. He calls, but does not drive. . . . God has purposed salvation for every soul that has ever come into the world" (Waggoner on Romans, pp. 140, 143).

"Christ is given to every man. Therefore each person gets the whole of Him. The love of God embraces the whole world, but it also singles out each individual. A mother's love is not divided among her children, so that each one receives only a third, a fourth, or a fifth of it; each child is the object of all her affection. How much more so with the God whose love is more perfect than any mother's! (Isaiah 49:15). Christ is the light of the world, the Sun of Righteousness. But light is not divided among a crowd of people. If a room full of people be brilliantly lighted, each individual gets the benefit of all the light, just as much as though he were alone in the room. So the light of Christ lights every man that comes into the world. . . .

"How often we hear someone say, 'I am so sinful that I am afraid the Lord will not accept me!' Even some who have long professed to be Christians often mournfully wish that they could be sure of their acceptance with God. But the Lord has given no reason for any such doubt. Our acceptance is for ever settled. Christ has bought us and has paid the price.

"Why does a man go to the shop and buy an article? He wants it. If he has paid the price for it, having examined it so he knows what he is buying, does the merchant worry that he will not accept it? . . . It is not a matter of indifference to Jesus whether we yield ourselves to Him or not. He longs with an infinite yearning for the souls He has purchased with His own blood. 'The Son of man came to seek and to save the lost' (Luke 19:10)" (The Glad Tidings, pp. 11, 12).

(Jones had the Same Idea)

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