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Gospel Truth #2

By His uplifted cross and on-going priestly ministry, Christ is drawing "all men" to repentance. His gracious love is so strong and persistent that the sinner must resist it in order to be lost.

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A. T. Jones

E. G. White

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How Waggoner Grasped This Concept

"'By the righteousness of One the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.' There is no exception here. As the condemnation came upon all, so the justification comes upon all. Christ has tasted death for every man. He has given Himself for all. Nay, He has given Himself to every man. The free gift has come upon all. The fact that it is a free gift is evidence that there is no exception. If it came upon only those who have some special qualification, then it would not be a free gift.

"It is a fact, therefore, plainly stated in the Bible, that the gift of righteousness and life in Christ has come to every man on earth. There is not the slightest reason why every man that has ever lived should not be saved unto eternal life, except that they would not have it. So many spurn the gift offered so freely. . . .

"The text says that 'by the obedience of One shall many be made righteous.' Some may ask, 'Why are not all made righteous by the obedience of One?' The reason is that they do not wish to be. . . . The free gift comes upon all, but all will not accept it, and therefore all are not made righteous by it. . . . Death has passed upon all men, because all have sinned, and the gift of righteousness has come to all men in the life of Christ" (Waggoner on Romans, pp. 101, 102; 1896).

Jones' Message was in Full Harmony

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