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Gospel Truth #6

The new covenant is God's one-way promise to write His law in our hearts, and to give us everlasting salvation as a free gift "in Christ." The old covenant is the vain promise of the people to obey, and "gives birth to bondage." The spiritual failures of many sincere people are the result of being taught old covenant ideas, especially in childhood and youth. The new covenant truth was an essential element of the 1888 message, and even today lifts a load of doubt and despair from many heavy hearts.

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E. J. Waggoner

E. G. White

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Jones was in fullAgreement

"It is not you who are to do that, which he [the Lord] pleases; but, 'it shall accomplish that which I please.' You are not to read or hear the word of God and say, I must do that, I will do that. You are to open the heart to that word, that it may accomplish the will of God in you. . . . The word of God itself is to do it, and you are to let it. 'Let the word of Christ dwell in you'" (Review and Herald, October 20, 1896). (Ellen White Proclaimed This Same Good News)

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