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"How little is said of Enoch; how brief is his biography! Many volumes are written about Napoleon; much is said of Caesar and other great men of the world. Their exploits are recorded and sent through the length and breadth of the land; yet we have no evidence that these men honored God or that God honored them. Of Enoch it is recorded: ‘Enoch walked with God; and he was not; for God took him.’" (RH, April 15, 1909).

What does it mean to "walk with God"?

  1. Moving forward (not stopping to indulge ourselves in sin)

  2. Exerting or exercising our God-given abilities (faith in God’s power and word)

  3. Being actively engaged (putting the mind to the stretch in the study of God’s word)

  4. Adhering steadfastly to the principles of truth; doing what is right because it is right no matter what the consequences (no situational ethics)

  5. Dying to self — surrendering to God completely; maintaining a constant conflict with self (Paul says: I die daily)

  6. Maintain continual and simple faith in God’s promises

  7. By faith, recognize that we have a constant Companion at our side; have a continual sense of the actual presence of God us (greatest deterrent to sin)

  8. Contemplate the character of Christ (by beholding we become changed)

  9. Rely on God for infinite wisdom in all things

  10. Conscientiously study to acquire knowledge that we may honor God

  11. Constantly pray, uplifting our hearts to God, talking with Him as if we see Him by our side (He is our most trusted Friend)

  12. Keeping ever before the mind’s eye the beauty of the Redeemer’s love of sinners

  13. Avoiding things which will weaken our perception of God’s will for us (be separate from the world)

What are the results of "walking with God"?

  1. A change is wrought upon the mind and heart

  2. The natural inclinations to evil are removed and our natures are molded after God’s ways and thoughts (perfection of character)

  3. We gain increase in spiritual knowledge

  4. Faith grows in proportion as it is exercised

  5. We grow up to the full stature of men and women in Christ Jesus

  6. We reflect to the world around us the character of Christ

  7. We fulfill the mission to which we are called in Christ

  8. We become the light of the world

  9. We are translated into the heavenly realm

"Enoch’s righteous life was in marked contrast with the wicked people around him. His piety, his purity, his unswerving integrity were the result of his walking with God, while the wickedness of the world was the result of their walking with the deceiver of mankind. There never has been and never will be an age when the moral darkness will be so dense as when Enoch lived a life of irreproachable righteousness." (Manuscript 43, 1900).

"If Enoch walked with God, in that degenerate age just prior to the destruction of the world by a flood, we are to receive courage and be stimulated with his example that we need not be contaminated with the world but, amid all its corrupting influences and tendencies, we may walk with God. We may have the mind of Christ." (3 SM p. 338).



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There are two different words in Hebrew translated "walk" or "walking." They have various meanings depending on the context of the verse. In the Table below look up the verses and determine the significance of each verse (positive or negative; "good" or "bad" activity) in relationship to the will of God. Do these verse tell us something about God’s character? What do they tell us about our character?

Strong’s # 1980 = Halak —> along, apace, behave, come (on), continually, be conversant, enter, exercise,(self), follow, forth, forward, go (away)

Strong’s # 3212 = Yalak —> to walk, to carry (away), come (away), depart, get, (away), grow, lead, march, prosper, bring, bear, follow

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Use your Bible to look up these passages regarding "walking with God."

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Gen. 6:9

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Gen. 24:40

Gen. 48:15

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Rev. 3:4

Rev. 21:24


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