The Gospel Herald -- Promoting the fundamentals of the 1888 message.


  1. Did Satan know the penalty for sin? Did he understand guilt?
    1. How did he know?
    2. Was the penalty for sin the same for him as it would be for the human family?
    3. When he said "you're not really going to die," was he speaking from personal experience?
  2. What was Satan's purpose in causing Adam and Eve to sin?
  3. Were Adam and Eve aware of the Commandments?
    1. How many commandments were there?—one? two? or ten?
  4. Is there a difference between a natural law (gravity, thermodynamics, etc.) and a moral law?
    1. Can ceremonial laws (sacrifices, etc.) also be moral in character?
  5. Is probation a bad idea?
  6. Why does yielding to temptation weaken us?
    1. What is "inclination to sin"?
    2. What is "propensity to sin"?
  7. Was the instruction regarding the tree of knowledge a "prohibition" or a "warning of protection"?
    1. What about the Ten commandments? prohibition or warnings for protection?
  8. According to Genesis, what was the first spirit medium or channeler?
    1. Should we believe channelers today? (Norman Vincent Peall, Shirley McClain, and etc.)
    2. What is the true source of their information?
    3. What is the foundational misunderstanding behind channelling?
  9. Discuss Eve's mistakes which led her to sin.
    1. How do we deceive ourselves in the battle with Satan?
    2. Where do we open the door to Satan's temptations?
    3. What can we do to prevent this?
  10. Can Satan read our minds?
    1. How does he know with what to tempt us?
    2. Do we give him "clues" to our vulnerability?
  11. Can we avoid or minimize Satan's ability to tempt us?
    1. Can we overcome the clamor of the flesh?
    2. Have we been given any weapons in this warfare?
  12. Are some sins worse than others?
  • "sin unto death"

  • "unknown" sin

  • mortal or venial

  • white lies

  • sins of convenience

  • situational ethics—do circumstances change things?

  • sins of omission—not actually doing wrong, but failing to do right

  • "unforgivable sin"

  1. Does our consciousness of guilt function as a deterrent to continued sinning?

    1. How do we deal with guilt?

    2. Of what are we guilty?

    3. When was guilt incurred?

    4. Is guilt inherited?

    5. What is the remedy for guilt?

    6. What is the greatest deterrent to continued sinning?

  2. When Eden is restored in the new earth, will there be a forbidden tree?

    1. Will there be knowledge of good and evil?

    2. Will there be a "Tree of Life?

    3. Will temptation to sin ever be a problem again? Why? (or, Why not?)

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